Grinding Master 500 Features

  • Silent when forming, prevents dust and any vibration during grinding.
  • Safety functions prevent any potential injuries
  • Fast and smooth grinding operation.
  • Completely enclosed environment.
  • No Machine Down-Time: Thanks to turret system, while machine makes grinding, the operator prepares next work shortening the grinding time.
  • Accurate: grinding precision is 0.1 mm.
  • Increase of diamond lifetime, up to 2000-3000 pieces:compared to traditional grinding.
  • User friendly operation, one operator can handle several machine in less time.
  • Flexible software allows to set diamond size for your requirements.
  • Automatic recognition of the work with prob system.
  • Multifunctional software and hardware, quick and easy work identification
  • Grinding simulation: detection of possible errors before operation.
  • The operator can easily select the grinding stone and surface ( hole grinding or cylinder grinding).
  • It makes instant visual work simulation.
  • The software can instantly tolerate and quickly apply the change in the measure of the casting materials.
  • The smart software system that leaves little work to the operator and does not allow any error are applied.
  • Large memory, storage of hundreds of works.
  • Global brands for mechanical and automation equipments. All the high quality materials and equipments which are used in the the manufacture are certified by international standards, CE certification.
  • 7/24 hours fast technical support, We will be happy to support our valuable customers.

Technicial Specifications

  • Grinding Maximum Weight = 80 kg
  • Grinding Dimensions (mm) = Çap:700 h:400
  • Diamond Stone Dimensions (mm) = 300-355 x 13
  • Grinding Hole Minimum Diameter = 20
  • Grinding Hole Maximum Diameter = 100
  • Grinding Hole Depth (mm) = 10-100
  • Machine Weight (kg) = 4500
  • Machine Dimensions (mm) = 3100 x 2100 x 2550
  • Electrical Power Requirements = 25 kw

Gallery & Video

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